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Healing zone - more articles coming very soon!
- Roscommon sends SOS
- Suicide Bereavement group starts sessions in Dublin
- Is your diet doing your head in?
- Tips for good mental health
- How to cope with mental illness in the family
- A beginners guide to grieving
- Irish support groups in griefwork
- How to survive an argument
- Hairs of the Dog
- Food for Moods
- Twenty tips to bust nicotine addiction
- SAD?
- Cocounselling: a different kind of therapy
- Dealing with depression: the Shaolin way
- Pain in your head? A DIY guide to headaches
- Problems down under with your Waterworks?
- Stress: a new prescription
- Signs of suicidal intent
- Yoga for Depression
- Depression, suicide & self harm
- Counselling: your choice
- Private parts
- Be brave! Ask what's Prostate cancer?
- Be brave! Ask what's Testicular cancer?
- Male survivors of sexual abuse

This section of the website displays information of men's health. Many men suffer and sometimes die because of what seems to be an innate aversion to facing up to health issues. Maybe it's related to the bit in our heads that prefers to read maps rathar than ask for directions.

We intend to very shortly publish articles on pressing health needs for men including information on Buying Propecia, psychotherapy, prostate cancer, sexuality, spectrum lighting and st johns wort. welcomes information from people involved in healing and healthcare. We are very interested in publishing information about groups that support men in the difficulties they encounter today. Please email us information in html or word format here

Some pointers:

  • currently, the website cannot offer a helpline service
  • the information here is posted in good faith: the authors are all people professionally involved in healthcare
  • at time of going to press, most of our current articles are incomplete: the links are included for you to see what developments blackdog intends to publish very shortly
  • it can be dangerous to stop a course of prescribed medicine immediately: seek professional advice!

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>The black dog subscribes to the principles of health on the net.

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