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- How to help someone who is suicidal or depressed
- Upset? Some people find it useful to get their feelings off their chest by writing about how upset they are: feel free to write an email expressing yourself here. The email lands in a mailbox that no one has access to.
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Suicidal? Click here to email the samaritans

Suicidal? Click on this button below first.if the button doesn't activate, click here


- Aware helpline Locall 1890 303 302 (24 Hours) from Southern Ireland
Samaritans helpline 1850 60 90 90 (ROI) 08457 90 90 90 (NI and UK) For websites see
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There's nothing like an unreasonable, angry, thickheaded person to leave you feeling unreasonable, angry, and thickheaded. Which of course leads to someone having the gall to think that you're unreasonable, etc.! Sometimes it feels as if life is a series of random encounters with irritable people. Trouble is, some of those irritable people go by the titles of Mom, son, husband, wife, friend . . more





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