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Dealing with Depression- The Wahnam Way.

by Joan Browne


To many of you reading this article it is going to sound too ‘simple’ to be true or effective, but I can assure you all, that in my time as an instructor and student of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, I have seen many people overcome many so called ‘incurable illnesses’ including depression.

There are three treasures in the Shaolin arts, namely Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, Shaolin Kungfu and Zen. In this article I will be mainly dealing with Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung. I call it the ‘Wahnam way’ because our institute is the Shaolin Wahnam Institute dedicated to two of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit’s own Masters- Lai Chin Wah and Ho Fatt Nam both direct descendents of the Shaolin Temple in China.

Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is the oldest of the Traditional Chinese Medical approaches. It was taught to the Shaolin monks by an Indian monk named Bodhidharma around the year 527AD. When he visited the Shaolin Monastery in China, he noticed that the monks were very weak both physically and mentally while meditating, so he taught them a set of Chi Kung patterns called Eighteen Lohan Hands, this in turn led to Shaolin Kung fu.

Today what is usually taught is the Eight Brocades which are the best eight patterns from Eighteen Lohan Hands. Unfortunately, the ‘secrets’ of the shaolin patterns are often missing and it is taught as a physical exercise using only Chi Kung patterns.

I am very fortunate to be a student of Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, who is one of the few masters to share the ‘shaolin secrets’ with the public as these were very closely guarded until the 1980’s by the Chinese and only taught to the elite and Chinese Emperors.

So, to come to the question of how can practising Genuine Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung overcome depression.?

In Chinese medical philosophy, emotional disorders are caused by disharmony or blockage of chi or energy. Energy or Chi flows around the body in meridians, somewhat like the way the blood flows in arteries and veins. When we practice Chi Kung, we stimulate better chi flow. As we take in good cosmic energy (not air) to increase our amount of chi, we enhance our chi flow which can push through blockages. This is known as ‘breakthrough’ in chi kung terminology. The negative stale chi that blocked the meridians is gradually dispelled out of the body through breathing out, diffusion through the skin, sweating and in other ways. This is known as dispelling stale chi and taking in fresh chi.

The seven emotions which are principally responsible for emotional illness, are joy, anger, anxiety, worry, sorrow, fear and shock. Lack of joy injures the heart, anger injures the liver, anxiety and sorrow injure the lungs, worry injures the spleen, fear and shock injure the kidneys.

Excessive sorrow may weaken a person’s chi so much that its flow to his mind may become insufficient to operate certain mental functions, resulting in depression. The chi flow may be insufficient to dispose of toxic waste in the brain. That is why people who suffer from depression and are treated with conventional medicine have their problem occur again and again. It is only the symptom that is being treated not the root cause which in Chinese medical philosophy is simply ‘chi blockage or stagnation’.

To put it simply, practising genuine Shaolin Chi Kung will clear blockages and enhance energy flow leading to good health, vitality and a joy for living, three aspects which are very much lacking in society today. From reading the forum, I notice that many of you are anxious, many fearful, many very very sad and more of you are despairing and feel worthless--- all emotional problems and chi blockages.

So what do I teach in a course.

Shaolin Wahnam Ireland courses are 12 week courses, held twice weekly. I teach the Eight brocades including the ‘secret’ methods of induced chi flow. As respect is very important in the Shaolin teachings, students are charged a fee in return for an ancient art that they will have for a lifetime, which if practised for 15 minutes everyday will ensure good health, vitality, mental focus, internal force and a deep feeling of peace. The Shaolin teachings are simple, direct and effective. It is often because it is so simple (though not simplistic but profound) to learn that people feel that it cannot possibly work. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. If somebody hasn’t overcome his depression after the 12 weeks, he is refunded his full fee.

A free information night on Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung will be held in the Sports Complex, DCU, Dublin 9 on the 26th May at 8pm. You are all very welcome to attend and ‘experience’ some of these ancient secrets.

I became involved in the Shaolin Arts, due to a severe back and neck injury. After six years of constant pain, which conventional medicine could not help with, I had become depressed, worthless and really despaired of what life held in store for me. My prognosis was that I would eventually end up in a wheelchair. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t lift a 2 litre of milk. I bought one of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit’s books on Chi Kung and six weeks later found myself in Malaysia. What he taught me, I practised at home and eight months later I was pain free and a different, more content person. I have been very blessed and fortunate that he has given me permission to teach and share this wonderful art with people who wish to improve their lives. Sometimes people ask why I charge for sharing this art, unfortunately, I too, have to live and pay bills. Long ago in China, if you wished to become a student of the Shaolin arts, you were put through many tests – maybe sweeping the floor for a year before you were taught anything. In today’s world this is not feasible, so a fee is charged. There is a lot more information on my website.

Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is experiential, it is very difficult to put into words what the secret of ‘induced chi flow’ feels like, that is why I hold free information evenings to help people to understand it more easily.

I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity,

Shaolin Wahnam Ireland.

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