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Your healing zone:

Waterworks problems?


from A Bloke's DIY Guide to Health by Dr Keith Hopcroft and Dr Allistair Moulds published by Oxford 1999


Are you really uptight or worried about something?

Yes? Check out yellow box below: reasonable bets as to cause; No? scroll down for other possibilities


  • irritable, tense
  • either difficulty getting off to sleep or restless/fragmented sleep as you wake in the night worrying
  • once you start worrying that you are peeing too much then this will make the problem appear worse (start noticing every time you blink and you will see what I mean)




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Do your symptoms seem to be mainly at night or worse at night?

Yes? Check out box below: reasonable bets as to cause

Alcohol related

  • unless you are so drunk you don't even wake up to pee, drinking in the evening will have you up in the night peeing



Or Diabetes (see your GP Sharpish!)

  • wake to pee and drink as so thirsty
  • may be losing weight
  • may have itch/mild discharge from your penis

Or Prostrate enlargement (Get it checked out)

  • often, first sign is waking up to pee
  • may notice bit of difficulty starting to pee/not such a strong flow/bit of dribbling at end



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Is there any risk you could have caught a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

Yes? Check out box below: reasonable bets as to cause


  • stinging when you pee
  • discharge from your penis



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Does it sting when you pee?

Yes? Check out box below: reasonable bets as to cause


  • may be pain or ache just behind your penis or up your bottom
  • may be ache or stinging when you pee
  • may cause blood in sperm

Or urinary tract infection

  • if in bladder, get burning urgency (must go as soon as you get urge) and perhaps blood in urine
  • if in kidney may get high temperature, pain over kidney area



No? Scroll down



Only rare causes left

Yes? Check out box below: reasonable bets as to cause

Urethral stricture

  • perhaps from previous attacks of urethritis
  • urine may spray all over the place and stream is weak
Or Unstable Bladder Or Bladder Stone

Or Medication side effect

  • perhaps from water tablets used to treat high blood pressure



No? Scroll down

If in any doubt or pain, consult your GP! If you don't have a GP, get one!!!!!!!



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