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Here we publish articles and excerpts from books that we believe can be useful to people who feel sad, depressed, angry, lonely, remorseful, alone or generally awful. This library is unusual in that it borrows from books and from anyone who wishes to add to to it by emailing us material. We're interested in stories from your experience (anonymity is guaranteed, if you so choose), positive suggestions for dealing with emotional turbalence, practical suggestions for coping with problems, analyses of mental illness, poetry and fiction.

  • click on a title in the list on the left to view it. To return to this page, choose the link at the top of the page
  • to print an article, go to File on your menu bar and choose print
  • currently we're printing short excerpts from books: if you'd like to order any of these books online, a good bet is the depression bookstore, but most of these books are available in bookshops: order by quoting the author and title
  • feel welcome to post reviews of the titles by filling in the feedback form: scroll to the bottom of the page
  • send any excerpts or writings of your own to itsadogslife at You may use a pseudonym for your articles: let us know if you feel comfortable about publishing your name. Please send articles in html or word format. We can't pay for any contributions but all works will be acknowledged. In the event of any editorial changes, we will email the contributer and discuss any proposed changes.
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