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If you're grieving and in Ireland, some of the following services may help you:

For children and young adults of bereaved or separated parents: Rainbow Ireland organise groups throughout Ireland. Call 01 4734175 to find the group nearest you.

There's a bereavement helpline at 01 4732110 (Mon - Fri 10am to 12pm)

For the Sudden Infant Death Association, call the helpline at 1850391391 or their office phone 01 8732711

Call the MIscarraige Association of Ireland for help and information at 01 8725550

The Irish Stillbirth and neonatal death society are at 01 8224688 or 01 8726996: they're a befriending and support organsation for those who have experienced the loss of a baby around the time of birth

Beginning Experience offers group support for those who have lost their spouse through death, separation or divorce throughout Ireland. For information call 01 6790556

The National Suicide Bereavement Support Network advises on where support groups meet. They also help in setting up new ones. Call them at 024 95561

The Suicide Bereavement Support Network offer one to one counselling and group support. Phone 01 8724597 or 087 9499053

The Irish Friends of the Suicide Bereaved is at 021 316722: they offer a counselling service, a support group and bereavement weekends

The Northside Counselling Service si at 01 8484789

The Family of Murder Victimes Service is at 01 8780870

Compassionate Friends are an organisation of bereaved parents who offer support and information to those who have lost a child of any age:

Donegal 075 31493

Cork 021 4364695

Clare 065 6820024

Galway 091 752033

Nenagh 067 32675

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