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Take time out for yourself
Set regular achievable goals
Enjoy life
Accept credit for what we do
Replace negative self talk and self doubt with encouraging and positive messages including I can, I will, I am able
Develop positive attiudes


 Adopt a relaxed posture
Stop being too self conscious!
Make eye contact
Speak slowly
Listen carefully to what is being said or asked
If you're not clear, ask the person to repeat the question/clarify
Don't feel the need to fill silences in conversation. Silence is ok. Don't be afraid of it.
If something comes out the wrong way, say so and correct it
Humour can be a great communications tool
Some people find it easier to use the phone
Become involved with a sport or project in your area: having a shared interest can be the best way to open a conversation
If you are worried about your health, relationships or have financial worries, talk with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with - a close friend, a family member, your doctor, counsellor, group etc


Trust, honesty and respect are two-way
The best way of making friends is to be one


Eat a variety of foods (eg fish,vegetables, fruit)
Eat carbohydrates for energy
And fibre to cleanse the system
Restrict fatty sugary foods
Drink plenty of water
Sit down and relax and enjoy your meal. No rush!


Take some gentle outdoor exercise during the day
Avoid stimulants four to six hours before bed (incl tea,coffee)
Have a warm,milky snack before bed time if you're hungry
Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and warm
Some light reading/gentle music can help
Try and have a routine: regular sleeping pattern helps


A brisk walk can be a good starting point
Start gently and build up to a pattern of 20 minutes a day of exercise


Take at least 20 minutes a day for relaxation. Plan it. There are many relaxation techniques, see which one suits you best

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