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Dumbest Diet Ever
He ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald's for 30 days

By: Morgan Spurlock

Eating under the golden arches at every meal for 30 days taught Morgan Spurlock a few things about gaining--and then losing--weight. The following lessons are as obvious as the nose on Ronald's face, but crucial.

Eat slower "Fast food is all about stuffing yourself quickly and moving on," Spurlock says. "There's a scene in the movie [on day 2] where I'm about halfway done with my meal, and it's only been 5 minutes. Slow down. You'll find you can curb your hunger with less food."

Eat less, at home or on the road "It's easier to order the large or supersized options. It's a sales trap you must avoid," he says. "Combine giant servings with an understandable reluctance to leave food on your tray, and you eat way too much."

Eat at home "If you cook your own food, it's almost always better for you. If you can't do this for yourself, do it for your kids. If they don't learn good eating habits from you, they won't learn them at all. Break the cycle."

Eat often "But make it healthy snacks," says Spurlock. "Scientific studies have shown that hunger pangs lead directly to drive-thrus. And those caramel? mocha?whipped-cream coffees don't help, either. Healthy snacks--nuts, vegetables--will keep you from 'impulse' eating."

They say it takes 3 weeks to turn a new action into a habit. Try these steps for 3 weeks. You'll start to feel better and look better, and if that doesn't inspire you, ask a friend for support.

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