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Suicide: facts, fiction and warning signs


from the Samaritans factsheets


People often show their suicidal feelings by..
Being withdrawn and unable to relate
Having definite ideas of how to commit suicide, and maybe speaking of tidying up affairs, or giving other indications of planning suicide
Talking about feeling isolated and lonely
Expressing feelings of failure, uselessness, hopelessness or loss of self esteem
Constantly dwelling on problems for which there seem to be no

Expressing the lack of supporting philosophy of life, such as religious belief


Suicide risk is greater where there is..
Recent loss or break up of a close relationship
Current or anticipated unhappy change in health or circumstance, e.g. retirement, financial difficulty
Painful and/or disabling physical illness
Heavy use of, or dependency on alcohol/drugs
History of earlier suicidal behaviour
History of suicide in the family


Fiction Fact
People who talk about it don't commit suicide Most people who kill themselves have
given definite warnings of their intention.
Suicidal people are absolutely intent on dying Most suicidal people are ambivalent about
living and dying; they gamble with death
but may retain the desire to live.
Suicide happens without warning Suicidal people often give indications of
thoughts (sometimes before the thoughts
become intentions) by words or actions.
Once a person becomes suicidal, he/she is suicidal forever Suicidal thoughts may return. But they are
. not permanent, and in some people, they
may never return.
After a crisis, improvement means that the suicide risk is over Many suicides occur in a 'period of improvement' when the person has the
energy and the will to turn despairing
thoughts into self destructive action
Suicide occurs mainly among the rich/the
Suicides occur in all groups in society.
Suicidal behaviour is a sign of mental illness. Suicidal behaviour indicates deep unhappiness but not necessarily mental
You are either the suicidal type or you're not. It could happen to anybody.

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