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The House of Sun

From men's health magazine

Risk of depression soars in winter, and not just because of endless Heartbeat repeats; the reduction in daylight causes a chemical imbalence in the brain. "And 95% of us will feel a change in mood", says Dr Lance Workman, psychologist at Glamorgan university. Try these tricks to banish the blues...

...Go nuts

"Selenium-rich foods such as Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds wil boost mood and beat winter snack cravings", says Amanda Ursell.

Or go cold turkey

"Flagging levels of serotonin -the brain's 'happy chemical - are linked to winter depression, says Men's Health editor Amanda Ursell. Turkey is loaded with tryptophan, which tops up your supply. See the recipes here.

Paint it blue

It's the colour found to have the most positive effect on the brain, regardless of the time of year, say mental health charity Mind. Go for the New England Paint Company's Acryllic Satin (£15.99 fir 2.5 litres here.

Let in light

Grab a dose of extra brightness. "Lightboxes assist 85% of sufferers", says Workman. You'll need a model that replicates the effects of sunlight sucha s the Phillips Bright Tube or the Bright Spark Lamp.

Make a move

Seek out even the slightest trace of daylight, and move beds and sofas nearer windows. "Even a tiny dose will trigger the brain to produce feelgood chemicals", says Anne Macaskill from Sheffields Hallam University.

Dish out metal

An empty brass or copper bowl, in the west and north-west of the house will create positive energy", says Paul Darby, feng shui consultant to the Big Brother tv series.

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