The Black Dog
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The Loo

by Christy Fleming


What are your thoughts when in the loo
Sitting on your laurels, passing time, passing wind
Pushing and shoving, constipated inside
Trying to release that crippling piece of workmanship
Which the body created as it's passed down
The alimentary canal and released from the rectum
Into the man made bowl which acts as a cushion to your rear side

Are your thoughts on the previous nights
Expensive sessions with the lads or ladies
Downing pints of Carlsberg, P.R.O.B.A.B.L.Y. the best lager in the world,
To beat the band in the local, been flushed down the swally hold.

Or more to the point a place for you be still
While listening to your body's inner mechanisms
Unleashing an unmerciful thunderstorm (movement of the bowels)
While passing and becoming as the weather forecast man would say
More calmer, clearer and settled as the day goes on,
(What are your thoughts?)


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