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- How to help someone who is suicidal or depressed
- Angry? Some people find it useful to get their feelings off their chest by writing about how angry they are: feel free to write an email expressing your anger here. The email lands in a mailbox that no one at the black dog has access to.
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- Suicidal? Click here to email the samaritans

Hundreds of Irish people, particularly young men, choose to take their own lives every year. This web site sets out to be an independent, useful and concrete response to this huge crisis, which devastates thousands of people every year. This web site is founded on the belief that it is perfectly sane to feel miserable in a crazy society and believes we need to develop new skills to deal with new problems. It is based on the experiences of those who suffer or have suffered from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

The sets out to

  • display alternative problem solving techniques to suicide
  • be a forum for discussing and encouraging positive changes in mental healthcare, education and housing in Ireland today
  • show links to sites that explore mental or emotional health issues with imagination and compassion
  • be a resource for helpful articles and books
  • develop an on-line supportive neighbourhood welcomes suggestions about the layout, design and content of this web site: your comments are welcome in the feedback form at the bottom of this page. We're currently looking for funding for the website, which means more updates, more people becoming aware of the site and a better service. You can send suggestions for supporting the black dog financially to a dog's best friend .

The Black Dog is delighted to receive funding and support: we publish a list of our sponsors in the link to a dog's best friend in the sidebar of your screen. We will be updating this page as funds come in.