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Take a sniff around
- Take a sniff around
- You'll never walk alone
- Your healing zone
- The misanthropist
- How to help someone who is suicidal or depressed
- Angry? Some people find it useful to get their feelings off their chest by writing about how angry they are: feel free to write an email expressing your anger here. The email lands in a mailbox that no one at the black dog has access to.
- Insecure?
- Suicidal? Click here to email the samaritans

Going clockwise around the homepage, here's a summary of the website's sections...


The Forum
Open discussions, challenging preconceptions, displaying information. Start a discussion, ask a question, browse or respond to others in the on line community. Any comments welcome, but just don't get abusive or try and sell anything.
The Library
Resource when you want to read different approaches to what's called mental illness. Also supportive texts. Articles aren't necessarily the view of the black dog. Feel free to review pieces, submit your own or recommend others. 
The Links
The black dog is a portal to the outside world: links to the wider web community on issues directly affecting men who suffer mental and emotional distress.
The Cave
A virtual place to go and sit with your feelings.  
Newshound The war room: what's going on in the field of men's and mental health. Send us any info you know of any relevant events and we'll pick it up here.
Guard! Portal to our sections and subsections on health, quitting drink, food that may help moods, a directory of support organisations, helping someone who may be suicidal and warning signs, our online, multifaith ecumenical retreat, info on the men's resource centre (feel free to send us any info on groups in your area) , a time out links section to chill, and positive advice.
Stay! The Black Dog's literary section: chapter one of a full scale novel, poetry, a column from prison: these men have been through the mill too: check them out!
Mooch around

Some of our interactive pages. You can write an email about how angry or upset you are, who or what you you're upset and specifically why. There is a good argument to say that it's healthy to express your anger to a safe and appropriate level, otherwise it can lead to the anger turning inwards and becoming chronic anxiety or depression. Your email will be sent to a mailbox where no one has access to. This mailbox is deleted periodically.

There's also a random advice generator in this section. This gives words of stragetic wisdom for people who are being bullied or feeling insecure,

There's also an interactive poll, and a chatroom you can use for virtual meetings: open to everybody.

Bark answers bark

Some current issues being discussed in the forum

A dog's best friend Who supports us and what we're about
Suicidal? If you're feeling suicidal right now, you can email the samaritans from here, get the helpline numbers of Aware and the Samaritans, and/or read a letter written by someone who understands what you're going through.
You'll never walk alone

Mental distress is stereotyped, and as such leads to further isolation.

This section of the website is devoted to well known people who have suffered from mental or emotional distress.

Tell us what you think of the site: scroll down to the bottom of the page and write to us.