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Worry: the Root of all evil

A vast array of worry management skills and coping techniques are available. I have managed to scale them down to five easy-to-follow steps for you to apply every time you are anxious and worried.

Step one: recognise you are worried
Step two: Understand what you worry about [write it down, be as specific as possible]
Step three:Find out if you can do anything about what is worrying you
Step four:Think about what you can do
Step five: Do it!

Review by Oengus O Shaugnessy:

I found Worry, the root of all evil, an extremely helpful book to read the last time I was seriously anxious. It's positive, clear and very interesting. It's exciting style was actually a good distraction from some of my worries! And it offers really good tips on dealing with anxiety. Chapter headings include One Hundred Tips For managing worry, Exploring worry, hope and help for worriers and a weekly worry management schedule. You can take some tips and leave others, but all in all you're left with a lot of convincing and helpful tips on dealing with the worry monster.

Worry: the Root of All Evil is written by Theresa Francis-Cheung and published in Ireland by Gill and Macmillan.