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In this section we will explore worldwide spiritual and religous traditions that have comforted and supported people in times of distress. You may treat these pages as the beginnings of a multifaith, ecumenical on-line retreat specifically geared to those who suffer from mental anguish.

By 'Retreat', we mean that sometimes you have to take one step back from what's going on in order to take a couple of steps forwards. Spirituality helps many people cope with life's distressing situations.

Your comments and suggestions are very much welcome.

The black dog knows that spirituality is an enormous dimension and can be a huge support for people suffering from mental distress.

The Black Dog respects everyone's beliefs that lead to a greater sense of well-being. It's spirituality is one based on alleviating distress, and not adding to it.

We will also be publishing information on retreats that could be helpful to people going through a rough time.

Do take some more time out to reflect by visiting the black dog's cave.