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Is booze fuelling your distress?

by Caveman

It took me ages to realise and accept that my drinking was wreaking havoc in my life. I'm seven years on the wagon and have never regretted quitting booze. It was hard - and sometimes still is - but life has become so much more fufilling since I quit. I'm able to do things I could only dream about and half-accomplish (leading to more frustration and depression) when I was drinking. If you're reading this far, I guess you're either bravely questioning your own drinking, or that of someone you love.

If drinking is either causing or is a major contributing fact to the problems you're experiencing, quit. Booze and mental distress can feed off each other, and if that vicous cycle continues, it can only get worse. It's very hard what you're going through. But millions recover.

Addiction is a cunning beast and can catch you unawares. So decide on a method or methods that can help you and stick to it. There are lots of ways people use to recover from mental distress fuelled by alcohol. The essential thing is to cut off the supply and ride in a tank iniatially (before the red sports car so to speak). Go to your gp, or an AA meeting, or get an addiction counsellor (check out the links page for more contact info on the last two), get into hospital or ask for help and advice from a trusted professional (clergy, psychiatrist etc)or friend or family member who isn't a problem drinker or who won't simply do your head in. The important thing is to seek help.

An addict needs to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol if he or she wants to live a longer and fuller life.

You can do it!

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